1. 10 Videos of Ol’ Dirty Bastard You Must See.

    On this the 8-year anniversary of the great Ol' Dirty Bastard's passing, we remember one of hip-hop's true originals with some help from our friends at UpNorthTrips/@upnorthtrips. Here, cherry-picked off the Interwebz for your viewing pleasure, are 10 vintage video clips - classic interviews, TV performances, reality show guest spots, and other obscurities - of the one-man army Ason Unique (a/k/a Dirt McGirt, a/k/a Big Baby Jesus, a/k/a Mr. Russell Jones) being the human tornado he was for the cameras. Watch them and you too will agree - the Dirty version of anything was always more compelling. ODB, R.I.P.

    ODB & RZA on The Box.

    For those who were still sipping Similak in the ’90s, The Box was a pay-per-view music video channel (slogan: “Music Television YOU Control”) that played a ton of rap (both because kids loved rap and labels loved requesting their artists’ videos as a form of promotion). This great early ’90s “Box Talk” segment features ODB and RZA explaining what the whole Wu-Tang phenomenon is about while walking around the streets of NY.

    (Props 2 RETURNtoTHE36CHAMBER for the upload.)

    ODB on The Jon Stewart Show (1995).

    A video artifact that well predates Stewart’s Daily operation: Dirty performing “Brooklyn Zoo” and “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” on MTV’s The Jon Stewart Show . You gon’ luuuuuhhh this…

    (Props 2 Chkouzz for the upload.)

    ODB Interviewed in Hawaii.

    Interviewer: “Tell us about Hawaii.”

    ODB: “Hawaii is the real, real, real BOMB. It’s the macadamia nut. In Hawaii, the lava alone make my dick hard.”

    (Props 2 dboom101 for the upload.)

    ODB on MTV News (1995).

    The classic of classic ODB video clips, this MTV News segment – in which Dirty compares his crooning to Al Green’s and picks up food stamps in a limo – probably did as much to solidify his rep as hip-hop’s reigning rapcentric as any of his recordings. Kurt Loder is so visibly unhappy he has to introduce the segment, it makes it all even more enjoyable.

    (Props to 2423ucme for the upload.)

    ODB & RZA on America's Next Top Model (2003).

    This episode of Top Model features RZA, Dirty and Killarmy’s Berretta 9 (a/k/a Kinetic) taking some airhead aspiring human mannequins out on the town – as RZA describes – “Wu-Tang style.”
    Highlight: Dirty yelling, “I got the tech!” in the restaurant while putting his hands over his crotch.

    (Props 2 dirtmcgirtdog for the upload.)

    ODB on TRL with Mya & Pras.

    Dirty keeps it 100 when an MTV viewer/live-caller asks him what he’s doing for “the community.”

    (Props 2 RETURNtoTHE36CHAMBER for the upload.)

    ODB "Stool Cam" Promo.

    Toilet stool rap promo.

    (Props 2 dubasher for the upload.)

    ODB on Yo! MTV Raps (1995).

    ODB: “Excuse me, last night I didn’t get no rest. I been up all night.”

    Doctor Dre: “You’re a hard working man!”

    ODB: “No, I was just gettin’ nice all night.”

    (Props Folkert Leffring for the upload.)

    ODB & Crazy Sam.

    Video Music Box “Nervous Thursdays” host Crazy Sam and Ol’ Dirty bring the rukus, including an abstract poetic reading of “Brooklyn Zoo.”

    (Props 2 Jessiebarnesjr for the upload.)

    ODB Freestyle.

    Ason Unique droppin’ science like Cosby droppin’ babies.

    (Props 2 RETURNtoTHE36CHAMBER for the upload.)

    Ol' Dirty Bastard Interview with Little Larry (1994).

    Teachin’ the truth to the young Black youth.

    (Props to cratesofjr.blogspot.com )

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