1. Rhymin' Formerly Crimin': Rast RFC Makes Raw, Hardcore Hip-Hop (AUDIO).

    Our boss Ted Bawno tweeted a link yesterday to a rather dope song by rapper Misterman, who is also known as Rast of the graf crew RFC, which rose to prominence in ‘90s NYC. He sounds sorta like an '80s version of 50 Cent blended with a bit of K-Solo, and if you listen to enough of his music, you’ll find he’s a big John Lennon and Nas fan, says he suffers from depression, and paints graphic pictures of his days in the streets. (In fact, he states on his not too active Facebook: "I founded a street gang, lived a life of crime, drugs and adventure, and now I rap about it.”) For more on the rap life of Rast RFC, continue on…


    Rast RFC — "Mark David Chapman"

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