1. The Eric B. Standing Around Tumblr is Just That, Photos of Eric B. Standing Around (GALLERY).

    "The man behind Rakim. Quite literally.”

    ericbstandingaround.tumblr.com says: Eric B. ...was part of the seminal group Eric B. & Rakim (obviously) and he spent quite some time standing behind Rakim in music video and on stages. This Tumblr is dedicated to him and the fine art of standing around.


    (For more, visit ericbstandingaround.tumblr.com)

    ericbstandingaround.tumblr.com : After having to borrow a highly professional headset from the film crew, Eric B. is now seen standing around in front of a supermarket. You could get a smack for that. (He doesn’t.)

    ericbstandingaround.tumblr.com : Rakim looks fierce. Eric B. is standing behind him in a warm coat.

    ericbstandingaround.tumblr.com : There is a lot going on in this picture, but Eric B. gives it some substance by standing around. Well done!

    ericbstandingaround.tumblr.com : In a slightly messed up aspect ratio, Eric B. is standing around between Rakim and Don Cornelius in what seems to be a wealthy sailor’s uniform.

    ericbstandingaround.tumblr.com : Eric B. standing around in the dark.

    ericbstandingaround.tumblr.com : Sometimes even Rakim has to look over his shoulder because Eric B. is capable of standing around very, very quietly. (Yup, still there.)

    ericbstandingaround.tumblr.com : In one of many great moments of this particular video, Eric B. is standing around surrounded by beautiful women.

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