1. DJ Format ft. Edan & Mr. Lif - Cover Art Revealed.

    We don't normally dedicate a ton of room here to cover art announcements, but our friends over at Slice-Of-Spice Records are doing some very special things with their forthcoming DJ Format releases. (And besides, if you've been following things around here you're already well familiar with Format's excellent collabs with Edan, "Spaceship Earth" and Mr. Lif, "Terror.") The above Mr. Krum design for the "Spaceship Earth" 10" single is a beauty in the vintage Project 3 mode. It'll be available in both regular and special edition colored vinyl versions which you can pre-order via Slice-Of-Spice. But if that weren't enough, SOS is also producing a playable postcard (?!?) bonus disc as a promotional special for special edition customers. Single drops April 23rd. Rap vinyl nerds, rejoice! [box type="shadow"]CLICK THE THUMBNAILS ABOVE TO VIEW MORE MR. KRUM DESIGNS FOR DJ FORMAT & PEEP THE PLAYABLE POSTCARD[/box]


    DJ Format ft. Mr. Lif - "Terror" 10" picture sleeve designed by Mr. Krum.

    Playable postcard bonus:

    DJ Format ft. Sureshot LaRock - "Remember (Beatbox Remix)"

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