1. 30 Movie Posters Get “Rap” Remixes. (GALLERY)

    It's "serious movie" season. We know this because we get sent weekly DVD screeners of all the movies considered hopeful Oscar-contenders. But most of these flicks, to be brutally honest, ain't worth our time (word to Roger Ebert). We just can't get with that Steel Magnolias shit. Not when we got Black Caesar at the crib, you know what we're saying'? UNLESS, they were these remixed movies as found at the internet headquarters of film-buffmonsters across the globe, Empire magazine. Those clever lads (they're British) proposed to their audience that they "mash-up" (gawd, how we hate that term) classic and current movie posters with hip-hop stars. The results, as we've selected from here, are pretty damn funny. Hey, you need some fresh remixes, you go the crowd source, right? Ya damn straight. Now if only these movies were real…


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