1. WATCH: G-Side — "No U In Us" (Music Video).


    Huntsville, Alabama's finest, G-Side, presents the music video for "No U In Us" from last November's Island LP. Shot in part in a locale resembling a veritable dungeon of rap (ceiling fan, DJ cuttin' on two turntables, badly-lit with walls covered from floor to ceiling in pages torn out of old Source magazines), ST 2 Lettaz and Clova G reiterate their artistic intention to simply do them. Which would be that hypnotic Slow Motion steez ish (with the occasional surprising sonic touch, like those Mohawks' "Champ" stabs). Man, these dudes are so earnest they rap appreciatively about being interviewed by magazines, and include crowd shots of white hipster kids gettin' buck at their shows. They even flash a well-worn KRS-One quote on screen at the vid's conclusion with complete sincerity. But how can you be mad? It's good to see people who aren't too fucking cool to be happy. Watch it, after the jump...

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Kelso123

      Strange but interesting choice of sample. Its Joy orbison-hyph mngo (big post-dubstep tune form the UK).

    • Frank

      Nice beat, I think they sampled the pad sounds from this track here: