1. Listen to “G-Funk Vibes” – an All Classic G-Funk Mix by XL Middleton (AUDIO).

    Given the CPT resurgence of recent times (uh, we hear there’s a new movie or something coming soon) perhaps it’s only right that G-Funk as a subgenre of ’90s gangsta rap enjoys its own revival. Or at least enjoys some historical context as the musical bridge between P-Funk-inspired Uncle Jamm’s Army beats and the modern funk movement as represented by the likes of Dam-Funk (himself a former G-Funk era hip-hop studio musician). Southern CA funkster XL Middleton attempts to do just that with “G-Funk Vibes” the first in what’s apparently a forthcoming series of limited edition mixes devoted to the likes of Black 9, Mass 187 and other lost soldiers of the G-Funk era. Buy it on cassette (of course!), here . The tape-deck deficient can simply listen and peep more info below.

    Via Crown City Ent. Bandcamp:

    Seeking to find the missing link between 80’s boogie and the modern funk sound of today, XL Middleton brings you G-Funk Vibes, a cassette mix of nothing but g-funk music, the predominant style of west coast hip hop in the mid 90’s, which lent a home to funk after a time when new jack swing had usurped the synth-heavy funk sound of the early and mid 80’s. G-Funk Vibes is the first in a series dedicated to demonstrating just how influential this sound has been on contemporary funk music, often forgotten amidst discussions of boogie basslines and breakbeat digging. This is the perfect soundtrack for a windows-down, slow cruise, as you let the bass thump.

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