1. AUDIO: Funkmaster Flex 10 Minute Rant Directed at DJ Clue.


    On Tuesday evening, the great Funkmaster Flex of New York radio station Hot 97 delivered an instant classic 10-minute rant directed at his competitor down the dial at Power 105, DJ Clue. Apparently, Clue had the gumption to boast on The Twitter that he had an exclusive on the latest Nicki Minaj song, and Flex did not. But then Flex got the song and premiered it before Clue anyway. Look, whether or not you give a rat's arse about the Nicki Minaj song, we know this: you'd better damn care about hearing Flex berate Clue (whom he refers to as "Box" - short for "boxhead cornball") over the airwaves for trying to challenge the throne. Quotables throughout, but maybe the harshest: "PEOPLE SOMETIMES HAVE FAITH IN YOU BECAUSE THEY'RE HOPING YOU'LL BE THE NEXT FLEX! I PUT A STOP TO THAT 10 YEARS AGO!!!"

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://spliffington.tumblr.com Spliffington

      you think they loop the bomb or he's just constantly pressing the button?

    • egotrip

      There's actual bombing going on outside the studio. Flex runs this town.

    • bigbirdington

      Little out of pocket to be calling sons foo-foo, when the god is getting his carlton banks on at the tennis court? Does he call up Clef and they play with spiderman sweaters tied around their respective waists?

    • b3dw0n

      Flash player needs to go. Can't listen on my iPad.

    • knuck

      Lol Nicki Minaj is so fucking talentless and wack, Flex you are a sellout and a fool.

    • Ruben

      Damn! Why don't you just call the guy? Or write him a nice and long mail full of anger. Mmm I guess that will be different without the bombing sounds huh?

    • Astralgirl01

      Fuck Flex and the broken down, lame and toothless horse he rode in on. He's a misogynist asshole who has nothing better to do than get little scoops on his competitors in order to get through the day. So weak... and it's always been lame.

      Drop a bomb on THAT.

    • http://djmatthewafrica.com Matthew Africa

      It makes me a little uncomfortable to hear an adult male publicly boast about playing Nicki Minaj. It's like a man bragging about getting a tramp stamp.

    • Warius

      He got twitter in all of his cars !!!

    • Warius

      "My radio game goes to 20" remindes me of this Spinal Tap classic :)