1. AUDIO: Funkmaster Flex Rant Directed at DJ Clue: The Sequel.

    On Saturday night Funkmaster Flex dropped the sequel rant to his blow up from earlier in the week directed at DJ Clue. Promising to drop the “facts” and expose “the truth,” Flex derides his rival for his choice in whips (apparently Clue has bragged about driving exotic cars, but Flex calls him out for being spotted in a “baby mama 6 BMW wagon”) to his peace offering after leaving Hot 97 (FF alleges the Cluemanatti gave him some sneakers in order to prevent any future tussles, to which the Funkmaster now responds to his ex-fellow employee, “Of course we have to fight, pinhead”). NY radio ain’t been safe no more for a minute, yo. (Props to XclusiveZone for the upload)

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