1. From the Vaults: Knicks Beat Bulls, Biggie Slain

    Digging through the archives at Casa de Monk I found this yellowed copy of the Daily News from March 10th, 1997. Over a glorious photo of Patrick Ewing poster-izing Dennis Rodman and Steve Kerr (“St. Patrick!”) is a grim header announcing the death of Biggie Smalls the night before in LA.

    Inside, the cover stories intersect with reactions from the Knicks to Biggie’s murder. Chris Childs (forever beloved to Knick fans for popping Kobe in the jaw ) hits nothing but net with his remarks: “I wish the media would stop playing it up to be this East Coast-West Coast thing. A school teacher can get murdered in Central Park and they find the killer in a week, but all of a sudden somebody kills Tupac and now Biggie and they can’t find anybody to do with it. The shame of it all is that with Tupac gone and now Biggie gone, we’ve lost two of the greatest rappers of our generation to senseless violence.”

    RIP Big, Go Knicks.

    [click on image to see it in hi-res glory]

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