1. WATCH: “From Jack to Juke: 25 Years of Ghetto House” (Documentary Film).

    Props to the homie Andreas Vingaard for the heads up on this: filmmaker Sonali Aggarwal’s documentary on the Chicago-born and bred juke scene – a direct descendant of the city’s illustrious house music tradition . Rather timely considering how juke’s frenetic ghetto house beats have inspired the work of UK producers like Addison Groove and Ramadanman. Aggarwal does an excellent job connecting the dots from the Trax Records days to acid to ghetto to booty house to ghetto tech to juke. And dare we say it, but the parallels between the whole footwork dance battle thing and hip-hop’s perpetual competitive component seem pretty clear too. Essential viewing.

    From Jack to Juke: 25 Years of Ghetto House from Sonali Aggarwal on Vimeo .

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