1. WATCH: Fredro Starr — “Private Jet To Heaven” Music Video.

    Curiosity overcame us so we gave this new Fredo Starr a shot. And, you know what? It ain’t that bad, actually. The deep, soulful beat sets the mood for the former Onyx upstart, who for the most part keeps it interesting lyrically, beginning with the lines: “I had a dream I could buy my way to heaven/ When I woke up I spent that on a Mac 11,” a slight perversion of Kanye’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” opener. Although he does teeter the line, Fredro overall comes off alright on this, even managing to send a shout out to his Moesha co-star Lamont Bentley (R.I.P.). See what you think…

    “I keep it real even though it sound cliche/ My style raw, ceviche/ Half y’all niggaz is suspect, Enrique/ Your swag played out, ENYCE.”

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