1. Fredfades – “Touchdown Soul #1 Xmas Mix 2011.” (AUDIO)

    This new soul mix from Oslo, Norway’s Fredfades (pictured above lurking in the shadows) had us from jump as the opening tune is The Confidentials’ sublime “Does He Really Love You?” – maybe the most beautifulest, fragilest, hissiest lo-fi-est soul number on the planet. While the collection’s (admittedly clunky) title makes reference to Xmas there’s no emphasis on yuletide favorites whatsoever. Just beat ballad and midtempo classics (Doris & Kelly’s “You Don’t Have to Worry” – apparently recently flipped for Common) and modern soul and disco gems (The Hollies’ “Draggin’ My Heels”), before things come back down (musically and spiritually) with some primo suicide soul (Lynn Williams’ downer supreme, “Don’t Be Surprised”). Damn, sounds like a pretty accurate representation of holiday moodswinging. Cameo by J Dilla’s longtime homie Frank Nitt of Frank-N-Dank on the intro. Listen below, or download, HERE .

    Fredfades – Touchdown Soul #1 Xmas Mix 2011 by fredfades

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