1. Fredfades – “Ganxtas Don’t Rap, They B.O.O.G.I.E.” (AUDIO).

    Oslo, Norway’s DJ Fredfades returns with a one-hour-fifteen-minute mix of modern soul and boogie. Apparently, he put together the above artwork first just for kicks, then later realized it’d be nice to have an actual mix to accompany it. Whatever the case, it features a fine program of selections both classy and trashy: Roberta Flack’s “Lovin’ You” (from the soundtrack to the Richard Pryor flick, Bustin’ Loose ) reps the former category; Angelo Tinsley’s “Get Down With Me” – which sounds sorta like Cameo on dust fucking with less brawny drum machines – take cares of the latter. Guilty Simpson with the intro shouts is a nice touch too. Listen or download below.

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