1. Freddy Fresh Presents The Rap Records — The Mastermix 1 & 2 (2010) (AUDIO).

    This is insane. Incredible old school mix followed up by another mix mostly made up of rare hot rap. These mixes were created in conjunction with the Freddy Fresh Presents Rap Records book, first released in 2007 and which is in its revised 2nd edition . Highly recommended. ( Note: Part 3 not up yet.)

    Freddy Fresh says: This is the Mastermix that I did to commemorate my Freddy Fresh Presents The Rap Records Book . It came out exclusively in Japan. If you don’t find at least something you dig in this 3-CD Japanese only exclusive mastermix which features just an absurd amount of records (CD comes with poster ) then you just probably aren’t very funky. I was not alone as it also features the talents of England’s the Saxon Scoundrels and also Steve “Razor” Picardi of the Bladerunners fame. Hope you dig.

    Freddy Fresh Presents The Rap Records – The Mastermix 1 Tracklist:

    Kurtis Blow — AJ Scratch
    Sir Mix-A-Lot — Electro Scratch
    MC Craig G — Shout
    Super Kids — The Tragedy (Freddy Fresh Remix)
    The B Boys — Girls
    The B Boys — Girls (MP3 Genius Remix)

    “Saxon Scoundrels” Genius Guild Hall Mix:

    Davy DMX — The DMX Will Rock
    The Russell Brothers — The Party Scene
    T-La Rock — Live In Hampstead NYC
    Jackie Robinson — Pussy Footer
    Bronx Style Bob — Bob-Didi-Bob
    Raw Dope Posse — Listen To My Turbo
    Don Juan — Strapped
    Captain Rock — Cosmic Blast
    Carly Simon — Why
    World Class Wreckin’ Cru — Live UK Fresh 86
    Massive Attack — Any Love
    The Wreckin Cru — Surgery
    Word Of Mouth ft. DJ Cheese — King Kut
    King Sun — Be Black
    KC & The Sunshine Band — Let It Go (Part Two)
    Alvin And The Chipmunks — In And Out The Jungle
    Bob James — Shamboozie
    Beastie Boys Intergalactic
    Fresh 3 MC’s — Fresh
    MC Duke — I’m Riffin’
    Blackbyrds — Happy Music
    Dyke & The Blazers — Funky Music
    Lyn Collins — Mama Feelgood
    Run-D.M.C. — Sucker M.C.’s
    James Brown — It’s A New Day (Live)
    Indeep — Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life
    La Pregunta — Shangri La
    Badder Than Evil — Hot Wheels (The Chase)
    Ser & Duff — Big Apple Production Vol 3
    Dyke & The Blazers — Let A Woman Be A Woman
    The B-Boys — Two Three Break
    Bon Rock — It’s Alright
    Egyptian Lover — Egypt, Egypt
    Spoonie Gee — The Big Beat
    Easy Mike — I Salute
    Fearless 4 — Got To Turn Out
    Dangerous D / Charlie Chan — He’s My DJ
    T La Rock — It’s Yours (Freddy Fresh Remix)
    Hassan & 7-11 — City Life
    CD III — Get Tough (Feddy Fresh Remix)
    CD III — Get Tough (The Bladerunners Dub)
    Mantronix — Needle To The Groove
    Skeme Team ft. Brooklyn Academy — Con Artists
    Seeborn and Puma — They Call Me Puma
    X-Rae — Is Ya Wit Me
    Dr. Frankenstein — Frankenstein’s Pain

    Ictus “Saxon Scoundrels” Minimix:

    Boogie Boys — Breakdancer
    Mr. Sweety “G” — At The Place To Be
    C.O.D. — In The Bottle
    The 45 King —Harlem Brothers
    Little Starski — Dancing Party People
    Robbie B. & Jazzy J. — Boogie Down
    K-ROB — I’m A Homeboy
    Word Of Mouth ft. D.J. Cheese — King Kut
    Malcolm McLaren and The World’s Famous Supreme Team — Buffalo Gals
    D-Rock & Swift-C — Cut It Up
    Evolution — Harmony
    The Russell Brothers — The Party Scene
    Gucci Crew II — We’re Def – Y’all
    Priority One — It’s Groovy
    Ground Hog — Bumpin
    Def Master D b/w The Jazzy Beater — The Beat
    Frozen Explosion — Mac Nife
    High Fidelity Three — B-Boys Breakdance
    Master Jay and Michael Dee — T.S.O.B.
    Commodores — The Assembly Line
    The Jacksons — Hum Along and Dance
    Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown — Unity
    The Brothers Johnson — Ain’t We Funkin’ Now
    Lifer’s Group, Doug E. Fresh, Tito — Live Freestyle
    Mr. Spice — The Terminator
    Royal Flush — Get From In Fronna Me
    Phill Most Chill — That Girl
    Magnum — It’s The Music That Makes Us Do It
    The Ultimate Choice ft. Finesse & T.L.C. — Keep It On
    T La Rock & Jazzy Jay — It’s Yours (Accapella)
    C.M. Dance — Off The Hook
    Progression — Tom-Tom
    King Johnny Fresh, Prince Troy Tee, The D.L.C. — You See What I Got
    Kool G Rap & D.J. Polo — Road To The Riches
    Sammy Davis Jr. — Up, Up and Away
    The Todd Terry Project — Made By The Man
    MC Shan — Beat Biter (The Bladerunners Dub)
    Baritone Tiplove — Livin’ Foul
    Cold Crush Brothers — Number One With The Fun
    Incredible Bongo Band — Apache
    The Radio Crew — The Egyptian Lover’s Theme
    Disco Daddy — Zodiac Rhymes
    Radiänce — The “Micstro”
    Dynamix II — Bass Generator

    Freddy Fresh Presents The Rap Records – The Mastermix 2 Tracklist:

    B.O.$. — Da-Bona
    Undercover Lovers — Fake Fly Guys
    MC Don & EZ Ed — Party Rocker
    Compton’s Most Wanted — I’m Wit Dat
    The Almighty RSO — One In Tha Chamba
    Aboriginals — Keep It Hot
    The Troubleneck Brothers — Back To The Hip Hop
    R.C. Nucleus — Predator
    Bob and The Mob — It’s A Shame
    The Bizzie Boyz — Too Deep
    Mr. D. Original — Now U Da Man
    Krondon — The Best Form (Instrumental)
    I.C.F. — Live From The 718
    Frick and Frack — You Shouldn’t Have Done It
    The Dangerous Crew — Buy You Some
    B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta — D.P.G./K
    Street Military — Don’t Play With A Gun
    Cold World Hustlers — Cold Day In Hell (Remix)
    Corrupted Seeds — Mack God
    Trife! — So What?
    Danny D & D.J. Wiz —Taste The Honey
    DJ DMD — 25 Lighters
    Choice — Stick-N-Move
    The Conscious Daughters — Princess Of Poetry
    G-Rapp The General — Stuck In The Game
    Ced — Look How They Raised Us
    Rally Boys — One 4 Tha Money
    The Dead Crew — The Projects
    C.E.B. — Goes Like This
    Mudd — Murda Outcha Speaka
    The Delinquents — Outta Control
    Ghetto Street Fighters / Top Authority — Something Special
    ADBR — Life Now
    Crusaders For Real Hip-Hop — That’s How It Is
    Smooth Ice — Smooth But Def
    The Conscious Daughters — We Roll Deep
    Whutabrothakno — Comin’ Up On A Grip
    4-Deep — Rollin’ 4-Deep
    Waveform 7 ft. Daddy D & Death B IV Dishonor with Low Down & Playa C — Southside
    Dangerous D — Mr. Boom
    Lux — Boom Box
    Jewel-T — Driftin’
    Jewel-T — Driftin’ (Instrumental)
    Kid Sensation — Seatown Funk
    De’ 1 — 16 With A Bullet
    Swoss — Who I Roll Wit’
    Sparrow — Physics
    The Cauz — Hi Risk Hi Return (Instrumental)
    The Hard Boys — Criminal Remix
    The Metric Brothers — Skratch Mathematics
    Plush Bros. — 11:5

    (Shout out to Emil Lindgren)

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