1. Freddie Gibbs Remembers the Time Michael Jackson Returned to Gary, Indiana (ANIMATED VIDEO).

    “You would have thought Jesus had came back.”

    That’s how Freddie Gibbs recalls the return of Michael Jackson to his childhood hometown in this amusing animated clip narrated by the Gary, Indiana rapper. “This nigga Mike walked around Gary in his pajamas with like a Cap’n Crunch suit on” is just one of the many observations from Gangsta Gibbs, who also recalls the King of Pop taking a trip to a local KFC (“He went through the drive-thru, nigga. That nigga was in the limo and you saw the goddamn shiny glove stickin’ out the sunroof. He was wavin’ at niggas and shit.”).

    But there was more to MJ’s fast food pit stop than met the eye. “That nigga bought all that chicken for the people, my nigga,” says Gibbs. To see what happened next, peep the video…


    [Via Pitchfork ]

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