1. Listen to Freddie Gibbs' RBMA Radio
    "Fireside Chat" (AUDIO).


    Freddie Gibbs sits down with RBMA Radio for a comprehensive career overview as told via his own words and music - from the gangsta rapper's recollections of his youth growing up fast on the not-so idyllic streets of Eastside Gary, Indiana, through vivid accounts of his hustling days and his transition into a full-fledged rap career as one of the most dynamic rhyme slangers of recent memory. Some more specific topics touched on: how Gangsta Gibbs' father (a police officer at the time) introduced him to the music of the Geto Boys, what his aborted mid-aughts deal with Interscope taught him, his appreciation for Big L and Pimp C, and why he's got more in common with Madlib - his collaborator on the acclaimed, recent Piñata - than his ex-label boss, Young Jeezy.

    [Photo: Alexander Richter]

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