1. Frank Zappa Shares His Thoughts on Human Nature: “People are People and They are Basically Bad.” (VIDEO)

    And, no, Zappa ain’t critiquing Michael Jackson ‘s ballad, “Human Nature,” but rather giving some of his brutally honest opinions on mankind while footage of the late musician/anti-censorship advocate conducting a compelling, kinda reggae-ish version of Ravel’s “Bolero” (with two seconds of The Knack’s “My Sharona” seemingly thrown in for good measure) plays on. It ain’t easy trying to choose the best quote… that is if you’re into stone cold, no-pussyfootin’-around observations on life.

    FRANK ZAPPA: “Failure is the natural state of human nature. To succeed is the rare thing. There is nothing wrong with being a failure. You can fail. Get used to it.”

    “Being honest is very out of fashion. Nobody wants to do that anymore. ‘Cause it’s easier to lie and to chisel on the side, and you’ll go farther, faster, if you’re a fake person.”

    “I think that life itself is so absurd because the human species was a mistake, I’m convinced of it. That if there is a God, he really fucked up when he made people.”

    “Because there’s only one thing that human beings can do and that’s kill. They do that exquisitely well and better than any other species. They like to make a mess, they like to kill, they like to make trouble. That’s why the species will eventually just obliterate itself and the world will be safe once again for cockroaches and moss.”

    (Props to LightningStrat for the upload.)

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