1. WATCH: ATG x Illy Kay – “Football Back” (“Tupac Back” Remix).

    You’d think that in the past 48 hours or so since the NFL lockout ended that the Interwebz would be a flooded with DIY “Football Back”/”Tupac Back” remix raps. Yet surprisingly enough there doesn’t seem to be too many out there. Probably for the best because ATG and Illy Kay’s “Football Back” is running up the score on any potential competitors from the opening whistle . From the proclamation, “These girls are on my balls like a line-man” to passages like, “We up in Minnesota/ Don’t try to persecute me/ Youse a floozy/ White chicks on the sideline – I call them Suzie,” ATG delivers an MVP (if not MTV)-worthy performance. Proving himself a strong, Yankovic-ian teammate, Illy Kay dominates the 2nd half with big puns like, “Tailgaitin’ already/ Drinking a brewski (No Tedy)/ Get super dome like a Saint/ Until they drop the confetti,” and saves the best for last: “I said the lockout was wack/ But now we back, you know/ And if you ain’t excited go pull a Plaxico.” Boo-ya! Sounds like someone’s ready for some football. Download the song for FREE here .

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