1. 10 folks who may wanna consider utilizing Mos Def's name now that he's not using it.


    Earlier this week multi-talented performer Mos Def announced that he was officially changing his performance name from Mos Def to Yasiin , abandoning the moniker the Brooklynite has used on recordings, stage and screen to great acclaim for the past several years. And while we wish Yas the best on a fresh start with a new identity, we still can't help but feel as though the Mos Def brand - still synonymous with Black Star power and integrity after all these years - has some life left in it. Now that it's up for grabs somebody really oughta use it. So we here at ego trip have taken the opportunity to suggest a few folks who may in fact greatly benefit from attaching more Mos to their names.


    1. Mos Hef (Hugh Hefner)

    Playboy 's founder and figurehead has seen his celebrated pin-up empire suffer immeasurably in recent years. The Mos tag might have a Viagra-sized effect on the octogenarian's luck.

    2. Mos Steph (Stephon Marbury)

    Once the hoops toast of NY, the basketball playin' pride of Coney Island could call it a comeback with a new crossover handle. (It's either that or ball out in Turkey.)

    3. Mos Clef (Wyclef Jean)

    His Haitian presidential bid never quite got off the ground. Maybe the former Fugee front-man could score a beaucoup fortune with a shorter and Def-er moniker?

    4. Mos Ref (NFL referees)

    Much maligned in recent years for blowing calls in big games, the gridiron zebras could use an image makeover. Offsides? Try Black (and Better) on Both Sides.

    5. Mos Chef (Raekwon)

    Shallah Raekwon is a G and one of our long-time favorites. Still, a new name with Broadway, HBO and Hollywood ties could cook up some marvelous shit.

    6. Mos Mef (Method Man)

    Save for occasional appearances with Redman, Methical's career has been a blackout for a minute now. What the bloodclot? Sounds like someone could use a lil' Mos to shine its light for the world to see.

    7. Mos Jeff (Jeff Garlin)

    Jeff Garlin is sitting on something phat like Ant Banks with the latest critically-acclaimed season of Curb Your Enthusiasm . He don't really need a boost but who wouldn't want the Mos Garlin possible on their comedy plate?

    8. Mos Deb (Lil' Debbie WGM)

    With Kreayshawn and V-Nasty gettin' all the attention in White Girl Mob, it's time for Lil' Debbie to Supersize her rep.

    9. Mos Cref (Creflo Dollar)

    Televangelist has had the government on his God-fearing ass for all the dough that gets passed in the collection plates. Time for Creflo to step his game up. Church, preach, tabernacle!

    10. Mos Eff (Zac Effron)

    This Peter Pan-lookin' mofo just needs to change his whole steez up. Adapting the Mos title probably won't help, but shit, money got to do something. Word.

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