1. What's Better Than This Flute-Cover of Phillip Bailey & Phil Collins' "Easy Lover?" Not Much (VIDEO).


    Now here's a Phunky Phil-One for ya: this flute-tastic cover of Phillip Bailey and Phil Collin's 1984 hit "Easy Lover." Danish youtuber Ivan Tonder has got his finger on the pulse of what's happenin', no doubt. Hard to say what's more hilarious, the actual music or the way the camera just starts to lose interest and meander around looking for something, anything , to focus on. We'll go on a limb and say probably a little of both.


    [h/ t Liz B ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • HughPhug

      dudes either a giant or got a tiny ass house

    • chipt4

      Yeah, umm that's a recorder, not a flute.

    • this one time at band camp i..

      either way, best to stay clear o fuckers who got animal skulls hanging on the outside of their shack... its a good indication that they're a bit mental... or pack a 12 gauge pan pipe...

    • do more research

      youtube vid description states he plays both... ya clever bastard.

    • kingsleeze

      Yeah it looks goofy but he's standing on that picnic table bench.