1. A Rappin' Lesson For Real with Fluency MC (VIDEO).


    Summer's here, the school year's been done for a week or so. But it's never too late to learn... via rap. Here Jason R. Levine, a/k/a Fluency MC , of Bloomfield College in Bloomfield, NJ, applies a "Paul Revere"-esque cadence to "StickStuckStuck those English irregular verb forms in your head!" 1.2 million YouTube views and counting, but this rappin' lesson is new to us.

    [h/t Kylani Ma'at-Ka Pekli]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Tyree Dawson

      I be doin' that

    • Kizzahxoxo

      This man is ill. He's got that Mad Skillz style going on.

    • http://www.str8buttah.com/ teck


    • Jason R Levine

      As a long-time egotrip fan (used to cop the magazine), I truly appreciate the love. BIG UP!

    • ariel

      he should have gotten a standing ovation! what a harsh crowd!