1. Win Tickets to "Flavors 5" in Los Angeles featuring DJ Scratch, DJ Spinna & J. Rocc (Friday, 12.7.12).


    Party people on the West Coast: we are pleased to announce the chance for two lucky egotripland readers to win a pair of tickets each to "Flavors 5" in Los Angeles featuring DJ Scratch , DJ Spinna and J. Rocc on the wheels of steel playing nothing but 1990's classic material. Event details and contest rules...


    From KeiStar Productions:

    FLAVORS (Recapping The Music Of The '90's Era… The Golden Years), is an event conceptualized by the innovative minds of KeiStar Productions. The first installment of FLAVORS dates back to 2002 and was celebrated with none other than the incomparable DJ Spinna. With his extensive record collection and music knowledge DJ Spinna creates havoc on the dance floor by spinning the unforgotten hits of '90's hip-hop, R&B & dancehall with a seamless thematic mix. Last year we brought DJ Spinna and J. Rocc together for a sold out event... this year's event brings three of the world's best club DJs together, DJ Spinna, J. Rocc & DJ Scratch.


    To win tickets to "Flavors 5," simply TELL US WHY YOU MUST HAVE THIS PRIZE.

    • Add your answer to the Comments Section of this post only (we’re not accepting answers on The Twitter or Facebook no mo’, lazybonezes).
    • PLEASE remember to include a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS (not in your comment, but attached to your user ID – that is, unless you luh spam or something).
    • When we get two answers we like, we’ll pick the winners.
    • Contest ends Wednesday, December 5th at 5pm PST. Good luck!

    And if you don't win you can always purchase tickets, HERE .

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • MLO

      I need this prize because I'm a family man and rarely get a chance to leave the damn house! Come on!

    • mark

      my girl wants to go and these parties basically have like zero girls. plus, i'm broke but still spends lots at the bar.

    • Lapeyre

      I MUST HAVE THIS PRIZE because an ageing b-boy needs a support group to keep him sane! And this sounds like the Ageing B-Boys Anonymous meeting to end all meetings!

    • CURT

      My Ex of 2 years left me because I want to expand my career as a dj + producer, can't get a reg. job because of a pending court record, school is the only other thing i'm holding onto and I could really learn how spinna, j.rocc & scratch put on a great show! Through all this, Hip-Hop is really the only thing that has held me down!

    • marietta1200

      I needa get these tickets because no normals out there understand my incessant references to DJ Babu battle routines, J-Live lyrics and Hobo Junction album covers.

    • Soraya

      I want to win because I wanna have some funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! It's finals week and I am in the physical therapy program aka if you want your spine cavitated for the dance then I can hook that up lol. It's also my friends bday weekend so she'd appreciate it too! I should win because I've never been to Flavors, but I support the other yearly events (mj vs prince, stevie wonder) and the only way i will not study friday night is if you hook me up! Please!

    • Abelg81

      I'm just a bachelor, lookin for a [ticket]
      I picked my cell phone # to have a 213 area code because of Regulate.
      My breath never smells wack.
      But I've never found watermelon tic tacs.
      Get me to this show to help me deal with this reality.