1. AUDIO: Flavor Flav Takes Over Airplane Intercom To Promote His Restaurant.

    Rap fans on a flight from Burbank, CA to Las Vegas last week flew the Flavor skies when Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav hijacked the plane’s intercom microphone to not only big up the flight attendants and pilots, but to plug his chicken take-out joint, Flavor Flav’s House of Flavor. Neither could the Southwest Airlines frequent flier resist giving passengers a friendly weather update (it’s hot in “Lost Wages”) before thanking his fellow passengers for their years of support. If only Soul Plane had been this enjoyable…

    BONUS: Flav Takes Over South West Airline Intercom on Way to Super Bowl XLVI.

    Seems this is Flavor’s thing — he’s gotta stay fly. (Props to Kstoehrable for the upload)

    [Via TMZ & Freddyo ]

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