1. WATCH: Film School With R.A. The Rugged Man (Episode 5).

    Summer is almost gone, so R.A. takes a moment to look back at all of this season’s movie blockbusters (or as he calls them, “stupid Hollywood turds”). Except, as he readily admits, he didn’t waste time watching stuff like Battleship , Ted , or the latest Spider-Man action flick (although he did contemplate peeing on comic book nerds sleeping overnight in line to see the film), so he really can’t offer up criticisms, but he sure as hell can make fun of these overblown mainstream offerings. On the $125 million Total Recall remake, R.A. rightfully points out: “Nobody spends money more foolishly than Hollywood except for maybe the United States government.” Rugged Man also gets into why, in his opinion, Tim Burton should remake The Jeffersons (Johnny Depp in blackface will probably be a problem though, just sayin’) and recommends a Paul Williams documentary we never heard of but gonna seek out.

    [Via Film.Com ]

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