1. WATCH: Fat Joe on Gays in Hip-Hop - "If You're Gay, Rep Your Set."

    WATCH: Fat Joe on Gays in Hip-Hop – “If You’re Gay, Rep Your Set.”

    Fat Joe, recently interviewed by VladTV, shared his views on the alleged "gay mafia" that controls various aspects of the hip-hop industry (e.g. record labels, media outlets et al). Joe's more interesting point, however (succinctly pointed out in a re-post of the video by Gawker earlier today), is his unexpected display of tolerance regarding the rarely maturely discussed topic of homosexuality in hip-hop. Says Joe: "In 2011, you gotta hide that you're gay? Yo, be real - like 'I'm gay.' What the fuck?! If you're gay, you're gay. That's your preference. Fuck it, if the people don't like it." After contemplating whether or not he's recorded with any gay rappers ("N*ggaz is gay!") and declaring his indifference with regards to the private life of the embattled DJ Mister Cee, Joey Crack says in conclusion: "If you're gay, rep your set." Jose - still realer than most after all these years.

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    • hughphug

      'Niggaz is gay'
      one of the best quotes in hip hop history