1. Curses in Cursive: The Most Luxurious Rap Lyrics Handlettered (GALLERY).

    Rap’s seemingly eternal obsession with consumerism and designer goods (“Girbaud’s hanging baggy” anyone?) is, at this point, written in stone. Wishing to bring a bit of elegance to the countless fashion references in hip-hop lyrics is the project known as “Luxury Rap” by Luke Skinner – Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Hip-Hop and Lettering enthusiast.

    The goal of Skinner’s work-in-progress is to go from A-Z illustrating (hand-drawing in simple black ink on white paper with as little Photoshop/digital manipulation as possible) a different rap lyric referencing a different high-end designer.

    From Luke Skinner’s site: “I’m going to post as regularly as I can, as many letters as I can (I’m completely open to suggestions for Q… I do have a contingency for letters I come up short on) and as many varied artists and songs as I can.

    The quality and importance of the brands and songs I use are subjective and potentially controversial, but I can live with that.”

    See more of Luke’s stylish work over at Luxury Rap .

    [Via Design Work Life ]

    Burberry: Missy Elliott & Ludacris — "Gossip Folks"

    Calvin Klein: Run DMC — "Rock Box"

    Dior: Kanye West — "Stronger"

    Escada: The Clipse — "Dirty Money"

    Fendi: LL Cool J — "Around The Way Girl"

    Gucci: 50 Cent — "Swag"

    Ice Cream: Snoop Dogg w/ Pharrell Williams — "Drop It LIke It's Hot"

    Junya Watanabe: Lupe Fiasco — "Gold Watch"

    Louis Vuitton: Kendrick Lamar — "Money Trees"

    Maison Martin Margiela: Jay-Z — "Run This Town"

    Oscar De La Renta: Nicki Minaj — "Come On A Cone"

    Prada: A$AP Rocky — "Fashion Killa"

    Ralph Lauren: Lil Wayne — "Bill Gates"

    Stella McCartney: Nas —"America"

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