1. ego trip Movie Night Halloween Edition:
    Special Fan-Made Horror Film Extravaganza.

    Horror fanatics are some of the most dedicated —and obsessive — fans there are, with some of them taking their love for their favorite films to the next level – by either recreating them or paying homage with remixes composed of existing footage. And that’s what we have here, a slew of no-budget mini-movies made with blood, sweat and tears (mostly blood) that any true horror nut will want to check out.


    Chucky vs Freddy vs Jason Fan Film.

    For those who enjoyed the 2003 franchise face-off, Freddy vs. Jason , here comes this short film by TrastucaT Productions co-starring special guest, Chucky, Bushwick Bill’s favorite killer foul-mouthed, scar-faced talking doll.

    (Props to crispinklander for the upload)

    Jason Goes Shopping.

    Friday the 13th fan film directed by Sean Dillin. “Clean up in aisle 9” can have a whole new meaning when Jason hits the market.

    (Props to kustomvegasfilms for the upload)

    Bruce Lee vs Classic Horror Icons (Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Michael Myers & The Predator).

    Horror’s baddest ain’t no match for Bruce.

    (Props to Powerline Productions & bezzerkerr for the upload)

    The Nightmare Ends on Halloween.

    Freddy and Jason are set to face off once again… only Voorhees brought back up.
    This 2004 fan film by Chris R. Notarile has an ending worth sticking around for.

    (Props to blinky500 for the upload)

    Halloween Remake in 8 1/2 Minutes.

    No this is not a Carpenter and Fellini mash-up but rather an ambitious redo of a horror classic by directors Darren Jones and George Coucopoulos. If you ever wondered what it might be like if your neighbors (who don’t act) remade Halloween , then this is the movie for you.

    (Props to strangerathome for the upload)

    BONUS: Chucky Comics Come to Life. PLUS: Chucky Video Game Maze.

    Child’s Play ain’t for children, not even when Chuck is animated.

    (Props to gabrydeathxxx for the upload)

    (Props to MrChuckyWorld for the upload)

    BONUS BONUS: Goldentusk Halloween Theme Song.

    One of the greatest scary movie themes of all times gets lyrics detailing the other, evil, not funny Mike Myers’ every move in detail:

    “….You blinded his eyes temporarily/ You drove that knife through his chest cavity/ You shot him in every extremity/ You forced him right off of the balcony/ There’s no way in hell that he’d/ Possibly get up and walk right off your property/ That stuff only happens on the TV…”

    (Props to Goldentusk)

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