1. "The MPC God" vs. Kanye's "I Am a God" (VIDEO).


    This dude Exile does nasty things to the Yeezus track via some MPC wizardry. You know he did a good job when a cute chick runs out and starts making out with him then gives him a croissant at the end.

    Free download HERE .

    [Via OKP ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • You


    • don_king_kong

      Is it just me or is that completely unlistenable?

      Exile's an extremely talented producer and a heavyweight, undisputed master of the MPC but....this video is like a failed experiment in freeform expressive jazz with a 2000XL.

    • UPdawg

      i watched the whole thing.. then scrolled down and saw everything I wanted to say already written. it was awful, impressive, but awful. and she had giant teeth.. and it was awful.

    • Kizzahxoxo

      The very begining was coming off as heavy the way he flipped it to sound all demonic, or maybe that's how it sounded normally. I don't listen to whoever that artist Yeezus or Kayne or whatever. Then it just got pretty childish. I mean if you drop your face on the pads and it sounds just like what else you were doing. I'm sure tho there are people out there who have a taste for that kind of sound.

      For the girl, keep her out of it. Suckas acting like they're on the internet or something.

    • Shirk

      My jeans aren't tight enough for this video.

    • KanYe

      GET OFF THE BULL$H!T.....

    • deeel

      That MPC has gotten hella work, based on it's looks!