1. 12 Pieces of Suggested “Evidence” That 2Pac is Still Alive.


    Today, September 13th, 2011, marks the 15-year anniversary of Tupac Shakur’s death. Almost from the moment news spread of the iconic rapper’s tragic passing elaborate conspiracy rumors circulated that he’d faked his death and there were rampant clues supporting the theory. The following list, originally published in ego trip’s Book of Rap Lists, collects this so-called “evidence.” Tupac Amaru Shakur, June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996, RIP.


    1. Photographs were never released of 2Pac in the hospital in Las Vegas after the reported “shooting.”

    2. Despite a plethora of lyrics in which he rhymes about being “buried” upon his demise, 2Pac’s body was allegedly “cremated” the day after his “death.” Funeral services were canceled in both Los Angeles and Atlanta, and there was no viewing of his body.

    3. In the video for the song, “I ­Ain’t Mad At Cha” (Death Row, 1996), released shortly after his “death,” 2Pac is presciently portrayed as an angel in heaven, thus suggesting that when he created the video he had already planned to stage his own “demise.”

    4. For Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory (Death Row, 1996), released two months after his “death,” 2Pac adopted the alias Makaveli in homage to Niccolo Machiavelli, the late-15th ­century/early-16th century Italian political philosopher. Machiavelli’s treatise, The Prince, advocates the faking of one’s own death as a means of combating one’s enemies.

    5. The title, The 7 Day Theory, reflects the chronology of ’Pac’s staged “death.” 2Pac was “shot” on September 7, and survived on the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and “died” on the 13th.

    6. At the conclusion of The 7 Day Theory, 2Pac is shot dead, also foreshadowing his own real-­life “assassination.”

    7. In the video for “To Live & Die In L.A.” (Death Row, 1996), 2Pac is wearing the newest edition of the Nike Air Jordans. However, the shoes were not released by Nike until November—two months after his “death” in September. Also, in the video for “Toss It Up” (Death Row, 1996), 2Pac sports a pair of Penny Hardaway sneakers which were also not available until after the time of his “death.”

    8. In the photograph for the ad promoting Fatal’s In The Line Of Fire (Relativity, 1998), Fatal and 2Pac are seen hugging in an unspecified location that resembles an exotic locale (perhaps Cuba), thus supporting the theory that 2Pac is in exile.

    9. On 2Pac’s Greatest Hits (Death Row, 1998), ’Pac states, “Rest in peace to my nigga, Biggie Smalls,” at the opening of “God Bless The Dead.” 2Pac, however, was supposedly “murdered” six months before The Notorious B.I.G.’s death.

    10. Bay Area rapper Richie Rich’s Seasoned Veteran (Def Jam, 1996), was released on the same day as The 7 Day Theory. On the 2Pac duet, “Niggas Done Changed,” 2Pac rhymes, “I’ve been shot and murdered/ ­Can’t tell you how it happened word for word/ But best believe that niggas gonna get what they deserve.” These lyrics suggest that 2Pac had planned his “death” to occur by the time of Seasoned Veteran’s release.

    11. Bone Thugs-­N-­Harmony’s The Art Of War (Relativity, 1997) features a 2Pac duet entitled “Thug Luv.” At the conclusion of Bizzy Bone’s verse (1:15 into the song), his voice can be heard in the background chanting, “He’s alive, he’s alive, he’s alive.”

    12. Real niggas ­don’t die.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://gkbaby.tumblr.com Gabrielle Herrera

      Omg .. I have a feeling he is alive too ! I know I wasn’t trippin’ years ago when I heard that “He’s alive, he’s alive, he’s alive.” in that song “Thug Luv”

    • http://Djjazz1.com Jazz One
    • Rap Quote .Com

      #13: “Makaveli” spelled backwards reads “I’m alive.”

    • bboycult

      ^Haha …and the left out “a,k ” (the extra i stands for insignificant!?!) is cuz that’s what he’s gonna use on all his enemies cuz he’s a ridah! He paid that dude $7 (Day Theory).99 to knock Suge tha fuck out. “Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to gettin pussy…”- Amaru

    • First-Lady Killuminati

      Makaveli Live On!!!!!!

    • Jeriah

      Not to mention that he changed his name to Makaveli who is leader that faked his death to fool another country during war. Hmmm, Suspicious. 7 day theory. People say he is coming back in 2014 it all adds up 2+0+1+4=7. Like the song 7 day theory. He got shot at 4:03. 4+3=7. Again just like seven day theory.

    • http://egotripland.com Sfundo

      I believe that 2pac is still alive out there in the world but nobody knows where he really is but I am sure that he will come back in 2014. I heard his voice sayin He, alive x3. 2pac is a real rapper not like Jay Z, Kanye, Pitbull Nah He was the best of the best. LOVE you 2PAC

    • http://egotripland.com Sfundo

      I believe that 2pac is alive

    • Shanice

      I believe in my heart 2pac is still out there. I have researched on his death so many times its unreal. I was 3 when he died, but his music is such an inspiration. I grew up with my parents listening to 2pac. I think he faked his own death to escape the clutches of the illuminati and he has gone into hiding because they would have assainated him otherwise. 2pac is a legend and always will be. He is a truly amazing individual with a beautiful mind.

    • Tammy

      Tupac died before i was born and i dont know whether theres a chance hes alive or what, but what i do know is that he was one of the best, and he will always be in my heart whether hes dead or alive, If your alive, live your life to the full pac, if not, RIP to the very best!:*

    • anon

      no it dont.

    • Kiran Mann

      ‘AM ALIVE’

    • DJ Q-TIP

      “makaveli backwards says this: ilev= i liive akam= i come” hes telling us he will be back and hes coming next year. i kid you not the real makaveli will be here what month i will not tell but to be honest hes already been here i was with my homie at lil waynes i am tour there is a videoon youtube of makaveli and it is him i promise you thug life. WE BACK BABY WE BACK!!

    • Stephanie

      I really do believe Tupac is alive. Won’t give up on ya! ❤ u pac !

    • u2funny

      how does ilevakam smell I’m alive?

    • joe burke

      tupac is alive because no one ever seen tupacs body and the murderer wasn’t caught until 2010 the man was supposed to get paid to go kill tupac I think tupac probably paid the same man to pretend to kill tupac shakur and plus did u see the seven day theory that has to be true the niggah tricked us everone man r.i.p. to a liar rip cheater.

    • Big Meech

      Number 12 is all I need.

    • Tori

      For the song one: there are gun shots and 7 seconds after the gunshots is when you hear “he’s alive” in the background

    • Keahi Louderback

      I think he alive and listen to the lyrics of changes and it fits that he is

    • Sneakerhead

      Sorry to be a dick
      But the sneakers tupac was wearing are easily reasoned, as often athletes/rappers/entertainers get their shoes early (nike and jordan often do this, especially with shoes such as jordans or penny’s), such as tupac did. Although I think hes still alive I don’t think this is “evidence”

    • ghhgfdrfghbjnk

      he is in cuba

    • a nigga gg

      All the niggas now days ar shit all we need is tupac back he has tuched so meny harts out thare and all i can say is the world needs him back rap is not the same wiff out him and enyone who calls themselfs a raper is a fagit

    • drewski

      ok first and foremost pac is absolutely the goat and always will be. my first album i bought of his was the 7day theaory, had always liked his stuff before that but i was only 11 when it came out and got it. ive been listening to that album for 18 years now and in my opinion that is the best rap album of all time period. so everyone know iam just as big of a pac fan as all of you, if not more lol. but honeslty he is dead guys… i used to think he was alive for a long time as well, and for alot of the reasons on this list, but i just dont think he really is alive anymore. #1there were no photos of him in the hospital but there was a pretty graphic autopsy photo of him released. #2 his mother(family) probably decided to cremate his body because they knew that people would think he did fake his death and some dumb ass disrespectful fools would try to dig up his grave.# 4 do you know how many books he read while he was in prison? haha a shit ton, now i understand that he switched up the name to makaveli because he really liked machiavellis works. #5 the original title to the album was the 3 day theory, so the whole thing with the number 7 really doesnt have this special secret meaning. #7 he got the sneakers early thats not even really a question. #8 probably one of the worst pieces of evidence, if you call it that. #9 biggie smalls was the name of a friend stretchs and pacs, not the notorious

    • drewski

      BIG. and i know this is just all my opinion but it used to be that he was coming back after 7 years, well that passed and he didnt return, and not people are saying oh for sure hes coming back in 2014?! come on guys let the man rest in peace, hes not coming back. and honestly do you think tupac could be in exile somewhere all these years and yet no new music released? he would have like probably 12 full albums. thats one of the main reasons i dont believe he is alive anymore, cause if he was there would have been NEW music released, no way he would just be gone and not have new shit out. but if he does return i would be happy as fuck, cause the rap game nowadays is weak as hell. makaveli the don forever!!

    • Anesha

      2pac will alwys b alive in ma heart ❤️ U tupac

    • Decimus

      All do respect but to anyone who still believes 2Pac is still alive, I feel very sorry for you because there is something missing in your life.

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