1. Every Kanye Sample Ever (2008) (VIDEO).


    Knockoff Oakleys No, you won't actually hear every Kanye Discount Oakley Sunglasses sample ever in this video (it was made in 2008). Yes, it's still a fun watch, even if you've peeped it before. Fake Oakleys

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    (P.S. No, Ye didn't produce "Touch The Sky," Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses Just Blaze Replica Oakley Sunglasses did. And, yes, we know you knew that.)

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • too-many-biters-n-part-timers

      keep a lid on it @ everyone sample callin/putin sample sources on blast!

      Afrika Bambaataa never scraped the labels off his records for this type a shit.

      keep a handkerchief over that, like Freddie Keppard. :P

      "In retrospect this would probably have been the first jazz recording. An often repeated story says that Keppard didn't want to record because then everyone else could "steal his stuff." Another well known story is that he was so paranoid about the risk of being copied that he sometimes played with a handkerchief over his fingers to conceal how he played"