1. establishing a record store in seoul.


    just opened a record store/gallery/storefront upstair of my studio.

    this works as a good table for waxpoetics products...

    so far we carry stones throw / wax poetics / secondhand records / sneeze mag... can we get any egotrip-affiliate products?

    yeah i always wanted to run a record store of my own since when i start to buy records, record stores in seoul had 'zero' informations on what to buy for hiphop djs, any hints on "breaks 101"...  everything i did was just 'trials and errors'. and still is. so importing 23 crates of mid-school rap/danceteria records and picking up 'juice crew dis' 12" by cool c may be something meaningless in seoul but i hope this little step could be a good step for the 'groundwork' in here.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://twitter.com/rekstizzy rek

      u da mane. we want more more sounds from seoul

    • a.l

      You know it's not meaningless at all!
      Can't help but RESPECT..
      Very nice place..
      Best wishes!

    • Frostor

      Cool. I am about to fly to Seoul today. Do you have a name and an
      adress of the shop?!?

    • Frostor

      Found it. 태그: 985-11, bang bae dong, record store, rm360, seoul

      i guess rm 360 is the name of the store

    • http://soulscape.wordpress.com DJ Soulscape

      just to make sure...

      it opens around 1-7pm mon-fri

      think it would be better to let them know when to visit with twitter @room360