1. establishing a record store in seoul.

    just opened a record store/gallery/storefront upstair of my studio.

    this works as a good table for waxpoetics products…

    so far we carry stones throw / wax poetics / secondhand records / sneeze mag… can we get any egotrip-affiliate products?

    yeah i always wanted to run a record store of my own since when i start to buy records, record stores in seoul had ‘zero’ informations on what to buy for hiphop djs, any hints on “breaks 101″…  everything i did was just ‘trials and errors’. and still is. so importing 23 crates of mid-school rap/danceteria records and picking up ‘juice crew dis’ 12” by cool c may be something meaningless in seoul but i hope this little step could be a good step for the ‘groundwork’ in here.

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