1. Es-K —Italdred Mix 5 (AUDIO).


    Found this over at Grand Good . Even if you don’t recognize a lot of the names, trust us, this is quality.

    Track List:

    Jamal - Keep it Real (FloFilz Remix)
    Dr. Becket ft. El Da Sensei, K-Skills - Creativity (Loop.Holes Remix)
    Bugseed - Echoes
    Manu Beats - Yordanka
    Hash Finger - Afrique
    LOUPO - GritZZ
    Rez - Militant
    The Deli - Ill Vibes
    Dolson Beats - What Love Is
    Chromadadata - Track 07
    Flip Physics - Sunday Afternoon
    Fish Grease - Destruction ft. DJ Grazzhoppa (Beat by Central Parks)
    Metanite - Dream Me
    ill sugi - Old Day
    Maw - Maekyss River (Vinyl Version)
    Asethic - So What You Do It For (Prod. by Asethic)
    Waxie - Erase
    Charmingly Ghetto - HollyHood feat. K. Sparks (Prod. by Pajozo)
    Ferrajú - Incorporeo
    Central Parks - Deeper
    Ray West & A.G. of DITC - Rotten Apples
    Howiewonder - Might as Well
    s. fidelity - Hit the Dank
    Loupo - ScuRR
    Chel Strong - Deep End (Prod. by jCrizzy and DopeDee)

    [Via GRNDGD ]

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