1. Shiznit We Slept On: Eric B. & Rakim — “I Know You Got Soul” vs. “3 Kilos” Beat Street Video Mix (2008).

    The formula is simple but effective: Eric B. & Rakim ‘s essential 1987 hit “I Know You Got Soul” mashed up with “3 Kilos,” the 1994 track from The Prodigy (not to be confused with Prodigy from Mobb Deep) over visuals of the showdown between the New York City Breakers vs. Rock Steady Crew in the 1984 motion picture Beat Street . Voila! Instant fun. As an added bonus (at no extra cost) we get to see subtitles introduce Crazy Legs as “Piernas de Oro,” Spanish for “Golden Legs.” So do a couple of windmills and enjoy that ish after the break (word to Rae Dawn Chong)…

    ‪(Props to ayazkhana‬) / (Thank you to Repo 136 for the lead photo)

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