1. ego trip Movie Night: Emma Mae AKA Black Sister's Revenge (1976).


    Emma Mae is a small independent movie — one of three films made by the late Jamaa Fanaka while attending UCLA film school — that, like Kendrick Lamar's acclaimed good kid, m.A.A.d city , offers up a more honest view of working class Black life in Compton, CA. Leaning more towards a documentary feel and interested in addressing problems plaguing the community (investors changed the title to Black Sister's Revenge in attempt to market the film to blaxploitation audiences), the drama stars Jerri Hayes (in her only film role) as Emma Mae, a young Southern woman who goes to live with relatives in Los Angeles. Once in the "big city," she struggles to fit in as she finds her way through a series of house parties, boyfriend problems, and confrontations with police. The film's modest budget is evident and a few plot developments seem somewhat unrealistic, but Emma Mae is still a rewarding experience for those who like movies with a message.

    Directed by Jamaa Fanaka, who also made the Penitentiary trilogy.

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    • Reverand John Witherspoon

      "What the hell is a public enema/Emma Mae anyway?

      l don't want no goddamn Public Enema/Emma Mae around here."

      House Party

      Mr. Strickland