1. Sh*t Rappers Tweet: El-P on Obama's Endorsement of Gay Marriage.


    Earlier today, President Obama spoke out in support of same sex marriage. This, less than a day after citizens of North Carolina voted to change the state's constitution to ban same sex marriage. The reaction to these momentous events from the rap world? Tumbleweeds and crickets. That is, thankfully, save for the always opinionated, uninhibited El-P / @ therealelp , who took to The Twitter to unload his disgust with the political shenanigans and charades that repeat themselves every four years on hot button issues like this. Peep El-Producto's tweets on marriage equality, after the jump...














  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://twitter.com/whitesaid @whitesaid

      I agree with most of what El-P said in his tweets, not necessarily the way I would put all of it, but the crux of his argument is spot on.
      That said, I have never understood why politicians do not just take the "religion can regulate itself however it wants on marriage, this here is the state recognizing a union between two people that unfortunately goes by the same damn name, marriage." They are literally two crazy separate (and should be with that whole church/state thing - although that is not actually really real and never has been) things. I was married to my wife by a judge and it was not in a church, why would mine or anyone's religion have a say in that?

    • J the Sexiest Letter

      I remember the night Obama won the presidency, in the inaugural address, him stating clearly the importance of equal rights and justice for gays and lesbians and to remember they are our family and friends. This was never said before, and never before in history has any president endorsed marriage equality. I believe this is a huge step forward and says to me that the president cares about the issues and not just his impression upon potential voters in this election season.

    • bboycult

      Word ^ modernists/futurists tend to forget what an old antiquated system politics is. People need to stop diminishing Obama's accomplishments like a bunch of internet "1sters!" ....this man as POTUS; overturned Don't Ask/Don't tell and has now come right out in favor publicly of the very thing that fundamentalists would have him assassinated for (Joe Biden is no punk either)....and STILL no one is satisfied!?!? Politics moves @ a snails pace, this is NOT new-news!

    • Anon

      Exactly. You guys talk in the defense of the system and your leader by pointing out how badly they both fail at enacting timely change and bringing about decent conditions. If your car did 5 miles per hour and took you a bunch of places you don't want to be, I don't think you'd be singing its praises when you eventually arrived.

    • bboycult

      Nah @Anon...not in defense of the system more in disbelief at The People! When are The People going to stand up and change; remember when California (of all places!?!) voted DOWN gay-rights!?! I was flabbergasted...and the whole country began following suit;electing every right wing crazy in the book. The two most powerful men in the World just took a progressive stance in the face of all of US......your turn.

    • Mitch 3K

      He has a point tho, every election they break out this argument verbatim and nothing comes from it. If Obama feels this way he should put some effort getting some results instead of it being the same old song and dance argument.

      Personally, I feel like if Gay people want to be foolish enough to get married then let them, all people deserve the equal right to be drug into courtrooms and have half their money taken away during divorce proceedings and have the same freedom to pay alimony like the rest of us

    • Justin

      ^When you're an adult, you might feel different about it. That'll also give you some time to step your metaphor game up.

    • Justin

      Damn this moderation delay! My subtle metaphor jab was aimed at Anon.