1. WATCH: El-P Live @ Santos Party House (“Cancer For Cure” Record Release Party, 5.21.22).

    We were pretty bummed we missed out on El-P’s Cancer For Cure record release party last night at Santos Party House in NYC. But thanks to the magic of this thing called the Internet (and some rap fans with video cameras who were in da House), we can enjoy some of what went down. Watch performances of “Stay Down,” “Oh Hail No,” and Co-Flow’s “Vital Nerve” after el-jump…


    El-P — “Stay Down” @ Santos Party House, 5.21.12

    Nick Diamonds on keys, ladies and gentlemen.

    (Props to ‪pcimprezzive‬)

    El-P — “Vital Nerve” @ Santos Party House, 5.21.12

    Co-Flow classic with Mr. Len.

    (Props to ‪pcimprezzive‬)

    El-P — “Oh Hail No” @ Santos Party House, 5.21.12

    One of the best posse cuts of 2012 so far. Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire in this muthafucker. Danny Brown’s not here though. Still dope!

    (Props to ‪ricflair14‬)

    Recap of El-P “Cancer4Cure” show @ Santos Party House, 5.21.12

    Highlights from the festivities courtesy of fifthroundmovement.com.

    (Props to Mr5thround)

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