1. WATCH: El-P — "The Full Retard" Music Video (Behind The Scenes).


    It's a Noisey featurette on the making of El-P 's insane music video Fake Oakleys Oakley Sunglasses Cheap , which as the rapper/producer informs us "covers a lot of the important social issues, like squirrels and the drugs that they do." (That rambunctious rodent in question is, of course, Cheap Oakleys Mr. Killums Replica Oakleys Replica Oakley Sunglasses .) The BTS footage offers up some interview time with the scantily-clad female extras and guest star Killer Mike , who breaks down his role in the clip: "In the video, I'm doin' rapper shit: Money, bitches, drugs, guns. Day in the office for rappers, man. It's hard, but we have to do it." Later, director Timothy Saccenti is seen giving on-set instructions: "First the drugs, then the sex, then hooker bodies." In the rap world, that's called "all in a day's work." Peep the action for yourself not now, but right now...
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  2. You might wanna peep...