1. GEAH! (Attn: Ryan Lochte… Wake Yo’ Punk Ass Up!).

    This whole thing with Olympian Ryan Lochte trying to trademark the word “Jeah” despite the fact that MC Eiht popularized the phrase two decades ago , got us thinking that since Lochte don’t know what time it is, it’s time to wake his punk ass up with a little video reminder of who kick started all this “Geah” right ‘chea! To paraphrase Eiht’s formal rival DJ Quik, Ryan must spell “Geah” with a J because the G ain’t in him. Like Sam Sneed, you better recognize, Lochte… by watching this ego trip exclusive Eiht sayin’ “Geah” compilation.

    (Thanks to @JonNothin for the assist.)

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