1. RETURN OF THE KRAZY/KRS-ONE: ego trip’s Book of Rap Lists Giveaway on 92.3 The Beat’s “Temple of Hip-Hop” with KRS-One, 1999

    Here is an excerpt from an episode of KRS-One’s Sunday night radio show on Los Angeles’ 92.3 The Beat from late 1999 in which he discusses our book in typically unfocused/incoherent KRS-One fashion. What the hell was KRS-One doing living out in L.A. hosting his own radio show, you ask? Well, the year before someone at Reprise/Warner decided it was a good idea to hand Kris the keys to the label’s A&R department and name him Vice President of the division. (Suffice to say, it wasn’t.) Thus, we have KRS-One: The West Coast Years.

    The T’cha wound up using his bigwig record exec status to sign the likes of Kool Herc, Kool Moe Dee, and Mad Lion to recording contracts before the whole thing went down in flames. By 2000 he’d resigned and moved back to NYC to continue his quest of making us look foolish for naming him “Greatest Emcee of All-Time” in Rap Lists. (Please try to believe us, young people, when we tell you that there were many convincing arguments in favor of this choice back in 1998 – really!)

    Back to the sound clip: we were so fond of this exemplary slice of KRS-centricity that we actually included it as the hidden bonus track on the CD version of ego trip’s The Big Playback (it’s Track 0 – so if you play it on a conventional CD player and rewind past the start of Track 1 you can hear Kris’ rants). But since this nifty trick doesn’t work with mp3s (believe us, we tried) we figured we’d save it from nobody-will-ever-hear-this-level obscurity and elevate it to perhaps-somebody-else-will-hear-this-and-find-it-amusing-level obscurity, and upload it.

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