1. ego trip’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.

    Once upon a time, this time of year was known as a traditional observance when families gathered for dinner to stuff their faces with turkey and stuffin’, while we all tried our best to ignore the massacre of a native peoples. Today this time of year is increasingly known as a time when you consume till you can’t consume no more , a spend til you drop feeding frenzy that kicks off with Black Friday. It is what it is. So to help you maneuver through the zombie hordes out to buy cool stuff you don’t really need but will impress your friends, here is our annual Holiday Gift Guide … Buy you some – gifts!


    2Pac Personalized Men's Slippers.

    Show the world that you’re – as Kanye might say – the 2Pac of the slipper world by rocking these Pac house shoes. Really doe. Not only do they feature 2Pac’s visage but the makers will custom place the name of your choice on the side of ’em too. Picture you strollin’ with all eyez on… your slippers!

    [Order via Custom Clothing Art ]

    Mark 563 "Evolution of the B-Boy 1" Sticker Pack.

    Melbourne-based tattooer/illustrator Mark 563 renders the likenesses of rap legends Eazy-E, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J and Slick Rick in nifty adhesive-backed form. Stick ’em up, stick ’em.

    [Order Via Mark 563 ]

    Snoop Dogg Doggystyle iPhone Case.

    Joe Cool’s classic Doggystyle album cover art adorning your phone? Genius. Move over, “Murder.” iPhone is the case that they gave me… for Xmas.

    [Order Via Amazon ]

    BBP "Protect Ya Neck" Hooded Neck Warmer.

    It’s a cold world during these winter warz. Insulate yourself with BBP’s hooded neck warmer inscribed with the title of the Wu’s classic debut single. Ideal chilly weather wear – whether swinging through your town like your neighborhood Spiderman or climbing mountains with electric guitar.

    [Order via BBP ]

    Houston Rap Book.

    From the publishing minds that brought you this exhaustive (and also recommended) tome , comes a chronicle of H-Town’s local rap scene via images and interviews by photographer Peter Beste and writer Lance Scott Walker, with a foreword by Bun B. Offered in a “Slipcased Exclusive” edition and “Deluxe Bundle” – the latter featuring all kinds of extras, like a DJ Screw/Fat Pat 7″ vinyl single, DJ Screw – All Screwed Up double vinyl LP, a tote bag and more.

    [Order Via Sinecure Books ]

    The Massive Map of Hip-Hop Monikers.

    We’ll let the makers of this roduct speaks for themselves, since they summed it up nicely: This massive 60” x 40” wall map is our most comprehensive taxonomy of hip-hop nomenclatures yet, charting over 1000 figures in the rap game. Colorfully categorized and sorted by semantics, this notoriously B.I.G. (forgive us) print breaks down your MCs, your DJs, your Mastas, your Killas, your Masta Killas, and Markies both Biz- and –Mark. Note: Carefully checked, double-checked, and triple-checked to ensure we did not forget about Dre.

    [Order via Pop Chart Lab ]

    Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession Book.

    We already told you about this fascinating tome by Joe Mansfield HERE , but consider this just a friendly reminder.

    [Special Edition available ONLY in selected stores on November 29. Version without the extras available at Get On Down on December 3.]

    Bespoke "45"-Shaped Turntable Adapter.

    Vinyl buying people: we know you know 45s are mad trendy these days. You can either fall back from the frenzy or show your fellow 7s collectors that you’re truer to the game than e’rybody with these spiffy as hell limited edition Mukatsuku “45”-shaped adapters. Comes in either brushed stainless steel or black painted stainless steel editions.

    [Order Via Juno ]

    Shirt Kings: Pioneers of Hip Hop Fashion Book.

    Operating out of the Coliseum Mall in Jamaica, Queens during hip-hop’s late ’80s “Golden Era,” design trio The Shirt Kings pioneered the graf-informed gear aesthetic eventually associated with downtown streetwear brands like Supreme. Co-authored by SK’s own Edwin “Phade” Sacasa with Alan KET, Shirt Kings: Pioneers of Hip Hop Fashion documents Shirt Kings’ rise to prominence and popularity with a veritable who’s-who of rap giants – including one King Asiatic Nobody’s Equal, pictured above – with interviews and plenty of priceless pix.

    [Order Via Amazon ]

    Buckingham Art & Design Prints.

    You may be familiar with the artwork of Joseph Buckingham, a/k/a Joe Buck, from his sleeve designs for various Slice-Of-Spice and Redefinition Records releases. JB’s own dope, illustrated art prints include homages to artists like Nas and Biggie, and paeans to such cultural building blocks as turntables and vinyl. Buck, Buck, Buck!

    [Order Via Hollis Park ]

    Sample This DVD.

    Although it’s narrated by Gene Simmons of rock band Kiss, this documentary by director Dan Forrer traces the impact that “Apache” by the Incredible Bongo Band has had on hip-hop. Peep the trailer HERE .

    [Order Via Amazon . Release Date: December 10]

    Punk 45: The The Singles Cover Art of Punk 1976-80 Book.

    From Soul Jazz Records in the UK comes this illustrated history of the punk 7-inch single art. 400 pages of punk 45 cover images – as edited and compiled by esteemed punk historian Jon Savage and SJ’s Stuart Baker. Never mind the bollocks ’cause this ish looks official as hell.

    [Order Via Turntable Lab ]

    Liquid Lapdance.

    Don’t make it rain in the strip clubs, make it rain inside your pants. Scientifically designed underwear for the horndog in your life makes it feel like you spilled a jug of Jergens down your waistband, making a lapdance one highly, expensive mess. Don’t believe us, though, just listen to this testimonial directly from the LL website: “I wouldn’t say it felt like sex. More like a blow job, a hand job, whacking off, anal sex, and titty-fucking all in one.”

    Adults Only, definitely NSFW video demonstrates how it works.

    Tanya "Sweet Tee" Winley Zine.

    Harlem record entrepreneur Paul Winley’s daughter Tanya recorded a couple of cool but largely forgotten singles for her dad’s label under the stage name “Sweet Tee” (not to be confused with “It’s My Beat” Sweet Tee) in the early days of rap on wax. Which makes the fact that there’s a zine dedicated to her extremely brief career somewhat curious and weirdly impressive. Written by Zoë Christmas and illustrated by Mike Long, we’ve got no clue as to the contents – but would luh to find out.

    [Order via etsy ]

    MF DOOM x Clarks Originals Collaboration Wallabee.

    This here be one of those good news-bad news situations. The good news, obviously, is that these Wallos exist. Bad news being you got to wait til Spring/Summer 2014 to cop. Okay, maybe one to ask Santa for next year, but we couldn’t resist tellin’ you about it now.

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