1. ego trip’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide.

    Yep, it’s that’s time of year again. The time of year when Americans buy, spend and consume even more than usual during a pagan ritual that’s come to be known as “the holiday season.” If you’re like us, you never know what gifts to buy friends and fam, because if you’re like us, you’re too busy debating for hours whether or not to post a song by Lil B’s cat . (Y’know, stuff that matters.)

    Yes, time to think about gift-giving is hard to come by, but dammit, we did it. Just for you. Okay, we did it for the page views, but there’s actually some genuinely cool gift ideas herein. Now get out there and stimulate the economy, motherfuckers.


    Public Enemy Album Cover Ceramic Refrigerator Magnets.

    Got a letter from the government the other day? Put it up on your fridge with the help of these P.E. magnets.

    (Available at Etsy )

    "High Rollers" Cushion.

    Yes, rap fans who came of age in the ’80s and ’90s, now you may finally fulfill your adolescent wish of sleeping – or at least napping – with Ice-T’s voluptuous first wife, Darlene. Just cozy up with this cushion featuring Darlene’s bombshell visage as famously photographed on Ice’s “High Rollers” single, and enjoy sweet dreams.

    (Available at BBP )

    Power Trains Graffiti Freight Toys.

    Mama don’t let your babies grow up to be graf writers. On second thought, go ahead. These toy trains will plant the seed.

    (Available at Amazon )

    BOOK: Colors - Extraordinary Records.

    Cool record designs galore – elaborately colored vinyl, die-cut sleeves, nudie picture discs etc. Compiled by collectors Alessandro Benedetti and Peter Bastine with help from – whoa! – Giorgio Moroder.

    (Available at Turntable Lab )

    Def Rugs.

    For the hot steppa in your life.  Who wouldn’t want to wipe their feet real good on these rhythm rugs featuring logos from your favorite groups? A welcome addition to any pad made even better — Def Rugs keep adding even more designs to the already dope collection that we’ve shown you before . Which is awesome. (What we didn’t mention last time is that Erick Sermon is involved with this venture.) So g’head and make your neighbors green eyed with envy by copping a hip-hop mat.

    (Available at Def Squad Digital )

    Equalizer Infant T-Shirt.

    NOTE: Does not equalize actual crying.

    (Available at Cafe Press )

    Vintage Too $hort - Ice Cube - Geto Boys Concert Pin.

    Last year, we hipped you to the OG poster from this tour. Here’s the pin with an additional “Stop the Violence!” exhortation. Sharp.

    (Available at Wolfgang’s Vault )

    BOOK: Reggae Soundsystem 45 - The Label Art of Reggae Singles.

    Loads of photos of original Jamaican label art designs as compiled by the folks at Soul Jazz.

    (Available at Amazon )

    RX Made Upcycled Goods.

    Open your next beer with a bear claw made from wood recovered from demolished buildings and other reclaimed building materials. (Just don’t have too many beers that you wind up going out and inadvertently demolish a building. And don’t forget to recycle your bottles.)

    (Go to Kickstarter for more info)

    Numero Group Omnibus 45 Box Set.

    A snazzy as hell 45’s box filled with great soul 45s. Works for us.

    (For more info, go HERE .)

    Gorilla HP T-Shirt.

    Because nothing quite screams Xmas like a gorilla wearing headphones.

    (Available at Harlem Underground )

    Eazy-E Earrings.

    Straight out the jewelry box from the gangsta category.

    (Available at Etsy )

    J.B.'s Food For Thought Plate.

    Givin’ up food for funk in these recession-filled times? Have your funk and eat on it too with this hot plate bearing the label likeness of The J.B.’s People Records debut.

    (Available at BBP )

    Slaves With Swag: The Negroes Your History Teacher Forgot To Mention (PAPERBACK BOOK).

    Because Uncle Toms are not allowed at Kwanzaa.

    (Available at Amazon )

    Vintage LL Cool J "Nitro" Tour Poster.

    Memento from the Oakland date of Uncle L’s “Nitro” Tour also featured Slick Rick, De La Soul, Too $hort, and “special guests” Eazy-E and N.W.A. Not too shabby a line-up.

    (Available at Wolfgang’s Vault )

    Boombox Pillows.

    Rewind a few months ago, that’s when we first told you about these plush boombox pillows that be puttin’ heads to bed.

    (Available at Meninos )

    Tools of the Trade Tee.

    Designer Mike Davis smashes it with this tee, a “special dedication to the lovers and collectors of electronic musical gadgets, gizmos, pedals, beat machines, and dusty analog cassettes and records.”

    (Available at Burlesque )

    "Fuck You, Pay Me" Boxcutters.

    This holiday season, let ’em know how you really feel.

    (Available at Burlesque )

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