1. ego trip Named As Possible Topic For Academic Papers On Satire. (For Real!)

    ATTN: smart people and other well-schooled macadamia nuts. Faculty at the University of Pennsylvania's Department of English is now calling on YOU to submit essays on African-American satire in mainstream media . And somehow, someway - alongside the works of Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, and Aaron McGruder - ego trip (specifically, our magazine or this very website) is suggested amongst the possible and/or suggested specific topics on which you may write . Hey, we're as surprised as you.

    So reads the announcement:

    "Proposals for essays should be between 750 and 1000 words and should articulate a clear critical question in relation to a set of primary and secondary texts. It is the editors’ view (in accordance with the view of most academic presses) that a successful edited collection needs a clear and compelling organizing narrative and, thus, successful proposals will articulate clearly which critical narratives are at work within their rhetorical structures and why."

    In other words, don't phone it in, brainiacs. Just get your paper straight, aight? Completed proposals are due on January 1, 2012. Go here for deadline details and to read further.

    ego trip is academia worthy. Holy shit. We did it, Brooklyn.

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