1. ego trip's 10 Hottest Rappers in the Game.


    Pundits can debate all they want who the "hottest" rappers in the game are based on opinion. But photographic evidence is indisputable. The only true measure of "hotness" is in the glands. Perspiration. Sweat. Here, we present the hottest/sweatiest rappers in the game. Everyone else, throw in the towel.


    10. Drake.

    #YOSO ... You Only Sweat Onstage

    9. Wyclef.

    Don't sweat the Clef-nique.

    8. Malice/No Malice.

    Pusha T gets all the attention, but Malice/No Malice is drippin' on the come up.

    7. Flavor Flav.

    It takes the perspiration of millions to hold him back.

    6. Dude from Death Grips.

    Honestly, we're not big on these guys. But just look at son. Can a brotha get a Speed Stick?

    5. Tyler, the Creator.

    Damp Future.

    4. Trinidad James.

    Made our list. He's sweatin'. Woo!

    3. A$AP Rocky.

    Hyperhidrosis. It's a F*ckin' Problem.

    2. Rick Ross.

    Bawse: America's Moist Wanted.

    1. Kanye West.

    No one sweat gland should have all that power.*

    *We just wanna say, we gave 'Ye his first Old Spice.

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Cabrini

      Well this was pointless.


      Agreed. But also, hilarious.

    • chrisbutta

      OOOOHHHH I GET IT... HOTTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/apaniclassic Apani.B.Official

      stupid funny

    • Cuban Linx

      This was foolie as hell. Ego Trip is too hilarious.

    • http://twitter.com/corporation corporation

      I see what you did there...

    • Honey

      Clever mainstream.
      On to the next....
      #REVO CSF

    • Sydney boy

      LV from gangsters paradise?

    • Winston


    • Dick B

      This is gay.

    • http://call.hollyherndon.com/ holly