1. EDUTAINMENT: 12 Back-To-School Rap Videos.

    With Labor Day weekend officially over, the next order of business is getting the enrolled American youth (that’s them in the crowded subway cars at 3PM with the backpacks and the loudest sets of lungs on Earth) back into classrooms (but not the libraries, because that’s where they bury the lies). In honor of back-to-school season, we count down (in reverse chronological order… how edumacational) a dozen rap music videos with scholastic themes. See, rappin’ is fundamental!


    12. Juelz Santana - "Mic Check" (2004)

    Dipset member teaches you the 1 and 2’s of mic checkin’ while simultaneously knowing the ledge and jumping off it (“Don’t watch me, watch TV,” he advises to his bitches and haters). Look for Rakim Allah as Principal Joe Clark.

    11. Outkast - "Roses" (2003)

    Add a lil’ bit of West Side Story and Grease plus a cast featuring e’rybody from Paula Abdul to Goodie Mob and it equals a memorable Outkast music video that makes us wonder if we missed out fronting on the glee club. (Nah, prolly not.)

    10. Mighty Casey - "Black Rapping School" (2003)

    No budget? No problem. Mighty Casey does a mighty fine job downgrading studio gangstas in economic clip.

    9. Tha Alkaholiks ft. Ol' Dirty Bastard - "Hip Hop Drunkies" (1997)

    Not actually “back to school,” but an AA meeting in a classroom. Ol’ Dirty actually not in the video, but Madlib is. Today’s lesson: Tha Ro to tha J divides square MCs like math.

    8. The Wascals - "Class Clown" (1994)

    The long forgotten Pharcyde proteges pull off a Spicoli by ordering a pizza to home room.

    7. Arrested Development - "Revolution" (1992)

    This one is for all those majoring in afrocentricity. Malcolm X snippets from the Spike Lee Joint of the same name.

    6. Leaders of the New School - "Case of the P.T.A." (1991)

    Mischievous Bussa Buss and crew roam the halls without a late pass. Step! (or rather, stomp! )

    5. De La Soul - "Me, Myself & I" (1989)

    Plugs 1, 2, and 3 ain’t no dummies. They drop out of Professor DefBeat’s unoriginal lectures just in time.

    4. Boogie Down Productions - "You Must Learn" (1989)

    The T’Cha ain’t thru tellin’ ya to take the Internet from your head and put a book in it.

    3. Young MC - "Principal's Office" (1989)

    Young MC gets an A+ in Fresh Prince 101 creative writing.

    2. Kid N Play - "Rollin' With Kid N Play" (1988)

    Higher Foolin’: The duo kick ass in the school talent show, enjoy the girls in aerobic outfits during gym class and wage a food fight in the cafeteria. (Look for a cameo by Salt.)

    1. Joe Ski Love - "Pee Wee's Dance" (1986)

    Joe Ski cold droppin’ science. Class is now in session…with Ice-T AND Darlene!

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