1. eBay Auction for the Style Wars Restoration Fund.

    The mission to restore the original negative of the essential graffiti documentary Style Wars has begun. Directed by Tony Silver and co-produced by Henry Chalfant, the gritty NYC time capsule first aired on PBS back in 1983 bringing worldwide fame to many graf legends who appeared in the film. Now some of those same artists, along with some other cool folks, have joined forces in presenting an ill collection of artwork for sale, the proceeds which will go to saving a slice of hip-hop history. Make sure to check out for yourself contributions from graf greats like Shepard Fairey, Todd James, Espo, Daze, Crash, Lady Pink, Lee and Haze (just to name a few) as well as some celebrity stuff from Brad Pitt, James Franco and Spike Jonze. There are still 9 days left to get your bids in, but some real choice items are off the table in 3 days. You can see all the items here .

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