1. We Still Miss You, Eazy-E (VIDEO).


    Today, March 26, marks another year gone without the Godfather of Gangsta Rap, Eazy-E . Even 18 years later, his memory lives on and stays strong. Reminisce with us on this Ruthless anniversary by watching some brief glimpses of E's earliest days as an infant as well as him jokin' around with his N.W.A pal Dr. Dre about dating Janet Jackson , and relive a hilarious nationally broadcast interview about the evils of gangsta rap in which Eazy's big-time personality shines through.


    Eazy-E Interviews Dr. Dre About Wanting to Date Janet Jackson (VIDEO).

    From an MTV Special taped April, 1990. E, wearing a straight jacket, quizzes Dre about one of their secret fantasies, i.e., dating Janet Jackson.

    Eazy-E: How do you feel about Janet Jackson's music?
    Dr. Dre: I love her music. I love her, ya know? I wouldn't mind spending a nice romantic night —

    E: Do you think she'll be as big as her brother?
    D: Yeah, of course.

    E: Like a hundred million records [sold]?
    D: A nice, romantic night [with] Janet Jackson. We'll go get somethin' from Burger King or somethin'.

    E: Burger King? She don't even like Burger King, man.
    D: McDonald's then. One of the two. Then we'll take a ride down Compton Blvd., a romantic cruise.

    E: Oh really? That would be alright.
    D: Cruise down Crenshaw.

    E: I'm quite sure you can get to "The Pleasure Principles."
    D: Yeah, get to the Pleasure Principles.

    E: Think you'll be "In Control"?
    D: I hope I'm in control. Then later on that evening we'll be makin' love in the rain.

    E: I guess so.
    D: I can see it all now. As soon as she lays her eyes on me. It's gonna happen.

    E: Nah, not really. Me.
    D: It's gonna happen.

    E: She don't want you. She wants me.
    D: [Laughs]

    (Props to DJ Cotton & EazyEDotOrg for the upload)

    Fan Made Video Including Footage of Eazy as a Baby.

    One of Eazy-E's loyal followers makes a clip from various other videos found on the 'Net. Look for a young-ass Cube.

    (Props to spartiate1117 for the upload )

    Eazy-E Appears on NBC Gangsta Rap Special (VIDEO).

    From 1993. Kinda tough picking the best moments. Is it the reporter reciting "Straight Outta Compton" lyrics? Her asking Eazy why gangsta rappers use the word "niggaz"? Or how he sidesteps questions about whether or not he and the Ruthless crew pack guns or not? You decide!

    R.I.P. Eric Wright.

    (Props to GoldenEraTV for the upload)

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