1. Earl Sweatshirt — “Chum” (MUSIC VIDEOS).

    Here are two versions of Earl Sweatshirt ‘s “Chum” music video, a song we really like a lot. The first is a nightmarish peek into the anguished mind of the contemplative MC complete with visions of frightful canines, drumming skeletons, and absurdly fat frogs. The second is an animated joint that was thrown out there a couple weeks back while we awaited the official version.


    Earl Sweatshirt — "Chum" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO).

    Moody b&w clip more depressing than crapping out on Frogger on Level 1, but quite dope nevertheless.

    [Via Pitchfork ]

    Earl Sweatshirt — "Chum" (UNOFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO).

    This is not the “official” official music video for Earl Sweatshirt ‘s “Chum,” but we don’t care. Any excuse to post this fresh tune again is fine with us. Enjoy the ill-ustrated clip.

    [Via Pitchfork ]

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