1. NEW MUSIC: E Dot Spencer ft. Thess - "Bawno" (as in, TED BAWNO).

    Yes, party people, the day has finally come. The day you will one day proudly tell your children, and even your illegitimate children, about. A watershed moment a generation will recall by asking, "Where were you when you found out a rap song had been named after Ted Bawno?" For the uninitiated, Ted Bawno is the ego trip empire's HCIC, a man of obscene vision and even more obscene wealth. A Bawno-fide celeb on The Twitter (watch the tweets to the left) whose Ted Bawno Ministries enjoys a fervent global membership. And it is one from that flock, E Dot Spencer , who may claim "first" to the aforementioned landmark act of TBM devotion. Abetted by producer/emcee Thesselonious , E Dot's "Bawno" is much like the man after whom it is named: confident, strong, wise, and PAID - spiritually, financially - IN FULL. "You'll only see minor money without the TBM, we major," observes Thess before later advising, "Ask yourself, what would Bawno do?" Meanwhile, E Dot's not sweatin' Obama change, but O-Bawno change: "Change, that's a couple hundred, bro, cuz I'm ballin' much/ Needed a thrill? I planked on my Bawno bucks." Listen below. Buy the album on Bandcamp (pay what you want - we $uggest $$$) here . TBM PREEEEEEAAAACH!!!!!

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • E Ru (@AlluringShrew)

      I love it!!! If only more people were wise to the teachings of the Ted Bawno Ministries (#TBM), this recession would become progression. They don't hear me though. Maybe they'll listen in rap-form, and who better to do it than my FAM, E Dot Spencer of The Tornado Alley (#ATFU), and the Gold Medalist and founder of the Olympic Blunt Curling Team (#OBCT), Thesselonious. Both of these cats have MAD production AND lyricism skills; both of these cats are #TBM.
      We love you, Teddy! #ADIYM

    • Tyrone Fuller

      ted bawno talks a lot of junk, but he's i-ight with me. old white coot!