1. WATCH: E-40 — "Turn It Up" Music Video.

    WATCH: E-40 — “Turn It Up” Music Video.

    Fake Oakley Sunglasses Forty Water finds himself feelin' real pimpish at a West Coast house party in this video for the neck-snappin' "Turn It Up" off the first disc of the three volume Ballatician opus, Replica Oakleys The Block Brochure . E-40 proves that he will never be at a loss for words, articulating game and unleashing boasts with that special rap language of his. "Bossy, flossy, fetti stretched like Pilates/ Got a black belt in hustlin', not karate," he raps, the only way he can. Replica Oakley Sunglasses But he's not done, letting off verbal blasts of confidence, like: "I ain't a pretty nigga with a face tat and a six pack/ But I betcha that I can beat your bitch's coochie back/ Skinny niggas is winnin' right now/ But wait til big niggas come back in style." Man, 40 ain't ever went out.

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    "Sometimes I like to spoil myself/ All that hatin' ain't nutrituous, man, it's bad for your health/ (What about murder mouthing?) Talkin' down on a boss/ Throw that nigga a thou he been dipped in sucka sauce."

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